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Breaking Through Your Fitness Plateau

Cyrus said the downside of cut-rate gyms is service and space. "You must keep the programming very limited," she said. "There are only so many treadmills, and often only one studio or one room." Cyrus attributes the rise of the specialty studios at least partly to the time constraints of the Internet age. "One-stop shopping is why small spaces are doing well. <br>Source:

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Everywhere you go in Tempe, Mesa or Scottsdale, you cant go more than a mile without seeing a bunch of pro-health or pro-fitness advertising, Fisher said. In Ohio its just not there. Fisher has seen fitness awareness increase, albeit slowly, during his decade at the Hall of Fame Fitness center. He believes the center had about five regular training clients when he arrived. Now it has around 30. The market is being won over by a slow steady progress, Fisher said. <br>Source:

Something doesnt add up. Then Cece, another member of the group, is about to tell Nora a secret, but dies of poisoning. This couldnt have been an accident, and the police begin to investigate. Noras magazine calls and asks for a story with an I was there angle to it. <br>Source:

A New Mexico woman is claiming Planet Fitness isnt always judgment free. The national budget-friendly gym chain promises members an atmosphere free of gymtimidation. But Tarainia McDaniel, a Muslim woman, says a gym in Albuquerque booted her out because she was wearing a head scarf. The woman reportedly told staff at the gym that the head scarf was an essential part of her Muslim faith. In return, she was told to go find a baseball cap. McDaniel is actually a Muslim convert. Growing up, her parents were Roman Catholic and Jehovahs Witness, the ABQ Journal reports. <br>Source:

Yoga With Leaps And Pilates With Boxing? HIIT Fitness Classes Emphasize Fusion

Founded in 2001 in Brooklyn Park, Minn., by Lee and Tim Porth, Octane Fitness makes premium zero-impact cardiovascular machines for homes and health clubs worldwide. It has revolutionized the standing elliptical, created a new exercise category with its xRide recumbent elliptical, combined cardio and strength with CROSS CiRCUIT, perfected workouts in a new direction with the LateralX, and now has redesigned its ellipticals with the ability to connect to an iPad with its new SmartLink app. Products are sold through direct sales, at authorized specialty fitness retail stores in North America and through a global distributor network. Highly regarded for their unmatched innovations, Octane's products have earned 70 Best Buy awards from leading consumer and trade publications since 2003. Lee and Porth also won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2007 Award in the consumer products category in the Minnesota/Dakotas region. <br>Source:

When was the last time you did your personal best for any exercise? If the answer to any of these questions isnt in the last fortnight, then in my opinion, you are wasting your time in the gym. Consider these questions: When was the last time you dropped a dress size, noticed a new muscle, or caught a glimpse of your changing body shape in the mirror? Again, if your answer isnt in the last fortnight, perhaps its time to change your training. I am a firm believer that without real intensity, the best program, performed with the best trainer on the planet, will only deliver average results at best. <br>Source:

"Many hardcore exercisers just can't slow down enough to choose a traditional yoga stretch," Lauren said, adding that for some people the class is a way to get their heart rate up. A 2014 report from the trade association IHRSA (International Health Racquet & Sportsclub Association) found that women are up to two to three times more likely than men to join group exercise classes. Swedish-born Viveca Jensen created Piloxing, an exercise regime that blends the stretches and low impact exercises of Pilates with boxing and dance techniques. The 60-minute choreographed workout is done in 37 countries around the world. The workout begins with an eight-minute warm-up followed by choreographed boxing, a sequence of standing Pilates moves, dance and then 10 minutes of floor work before a cool-down. <br>Source:

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10 Simple Weight Loss Tips

"The less you weigh, the less you need to eat and the more you need to move (to lose weight)," Foster says. "And that's not fair." It's nice to aim high, but successful losers drop an average of 8.4% of their body weight. If you weigh in at 200, that's about 16 pounds. And losing those 16 pounds improves your health dramatically. In other words, hoping to weigh what you did in high school will derail your plan before it starts. "Life changes, and that's not an apology source or a cop out. It's a realistic assessment," Foster says. "What else in your life is the same at 45 as it was at 20?" 4. <br>Full story:

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Jack Knox: Islanders Take The Cake In Healthy-living Study

Vancouver Island overall appears to be ahead of the provincial average on a number of health measures, said alliance chairman Scott McDonald. The bad news: Thats still like being the classiest Kardashian, or highest-scoring Canuck. Almost half of the people in the Island Health region are overweight or actually obese, the report says. Just over half of us dont eat enough fruit and vegetables. A quarter are inactive. One in six still smoke, which is a surprise, since I thought we had the last tobacco addict burned at the stake in 2012. Or maybe thats just a Victoria Shin Ohtake thing, since the capital (motto: Solving the world through regulation since 1862) has been pretty aggressive about using bylaws to chase down smokers (who, frankly, arent that hard to catch, usually having to take a knee and call times mid-chase). <br>News source:

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Anytime Fitness Receives Investment From Roark Capital Group

Anytime Fitness, through its parent company, Self Esteem Brands is also franchising Waxing the City ( ), a personal services franchise brand it acquired in 2012 and projected to grow to 100+ studios in the next 3 years. Anytime Fitness and Roark Capital Group ( ) said the investment would help Anytime Fitness accelerate U.S. and global expansion, capitalizing on the company's robust growth rate and global consumer interest click here. in fitness and health clubs. "We've been contacted by dozens of private equity firms over the years who have wanted to invest in the company," said Chuck Runyon, CEO and co-founder, Anytime Fitness. "We've been extremely selective in seeking the right partner with a strategic and cultural fit. Roark is the preeminent private equity firm in franchising. They understand our philosophy and value the importance of supporting profitable and happy franchisees." Runyon added, "Roark will help us improve system-wide performance, grow internationally and assist us in building our health and wellness platform." The Anytime Fitness management team, including Runyon and President and co-founder Dave Mortensen, will continue to lead and operate the company. Roark Capital Managing Directors Erik Morris and Steve Romaniello have joined the Anytime Fitness board of directors and will provide strategic counsel and operational support. Roark Capital Group is also selective about the companies in which it invests, seeking industry leading franchise brands with attractive growth prospects. The Anytime Fitness investment represents Roark's 31st investment in a franchise, multi-unit brands that collectively have nearly 18,000 locations and $16 billion in system wide revenues across 50 states and 71 countries. "Chuck and Dave have built a terrific business with an incredibly strong culture. We are thrilled to be partnering with such a great company and talented team of people," Morris said. The past two years in a row, Anytime Fitness has been ranked the #1 "Best company to work for" by Minnesota Business magazine. <br>Full story:

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How Should I Eat To Build Muscle Mass?


Click here for one of the most commonly used formulas. Once you know how many calories you burn each day, the answer to how many additional calories you should eat has not really been established and depends to a great extent on how hard you work in the gym. Your body can build at most about a half-pound of muscle each week, so if you eat too many extra calories trying to build more muscle, you will gain fat, too. I would suggest consuming an extra 250 to 500 calories per day. If you gain fat easily, stay on the lower end of the range, and if you find it very difficult to gain weight in general, aim for the higher end of the range. It will take a bit of trial and error to find the right amount of additional calories to build muscle and stay lean. It is muscular lyn body important to take in adequate amounts of lean protein such as chicken, fish, lean red meat, egg whites, low-fat cottage cheese or a protein supplement. <br>News source:

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