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Musclepharm(r) Scores 17 Supplement Awards Nomi

Max Workouts Shin Ohtake app for Iphone (Logo: The Supplement Awards recognize superior products and brands in the fitness and supplement industry. Nominations are based on sales among the 9,900+ products carried by the site. In the past four years, MusclePharm has won 14 Awards, including 2012 Brand of the Year. "It's an honor to have MusclePharm products and the brand recognized again this year by," said Brad Pyatt, founder and CEO, MusclePharm. "As athletes, scientists and fitness enthusiasts, we're committed to delivering the best products to consumers and proud to receive this seal of approval from our customers and fans." "Being nominated for a Supplement Award is quite an accomplishment," explains CEO, Ryan DeLuca. "Nominees are the most popular brands and products on our site and the public chooses the final winners. <br>Source:

Alabama Bodybuilding Season Ends With State Championships This Saturday

The evolution of Gamma-O has paralleled the growth of testosterone boosters, albeit over a longer time frame. Originally used to calm anxiety in 1950's Japan, the substance is now shown to be effective in naturally boosting testosterone levels while fighting free radical damage from environmental exposure. Testosterone Boosters such as the Gamma-O V2 Series extract gamma-oryzanol from the plant sterols in rice through a sophisticated process. The Gamma-O V2 Series features enhanced potency through research on the effects of hormone optimization on muscle building. The natural substances of maca root powder and indole 3-carbinol help users realize multiple health benefits aside from increased muscle mass. Commonly hailed as a 'superfood', maca root powder aids in raising testosterone while also balancing hormones for mental and physical stress defense, as noted by the Gamma Labs website. <br>Source:

Testosterone Boosters from Gamma Labs Revolutionize Natural Bodybuilding

"When they first approached me I was ecstatic, obviously. To have any association with the original Pumping Iron, which is iconic, is an incredible honor," Pakulski said. He says it'll show more than just life in the gym. "What it is, getting to know our personality, letting people know there's something outside the physical," he said. "I have an internet marketing business, also have three children and a wife at home, so I'm extremely busy." He isn't the only local attraction featured in the film. <br>Source:

Tampa bodybuilder gets screen time

"You're never too old," he told Oregon's KVAL-13 . "Bodybuilding keeps me healthy." Campbell and Huard take a break from flexing to engage in some friendly banter backstage. Heres where [age] works to our advantage - its because were mature, weve been through all the testosterone spurts, were having fun and its keeping us really healthy, said Huard, a supplement store owner. Right now, our goal is to beat someone in their 40s, which is going to happen this year, added Campbell. 'Felton got all the genetics and I put in all the hard work,' Huard (l.) said. <br>Source:

Teen female bodybuilder bulks up as she chases dream of going pro

Alabama" bodybuilding champions have come from the Mobile/Baldwin county area. The area has several competitors entering the contest again this year so a fourth winner from the area is a possibility. For more information on the competition, visit . Bodybuilding is a very demanding sport because it is literally a 24 hour per day effort. Not only is serious training required, but a strict nutritional schedule that allows no deviation and adequate rest is also mandatory. There are no "cheat meals" for people who want to win it all. There are no "days off" for those trying to sculpt the winning body. <br>Source:

Bodybuilding grandpas prove you’re never too old to show off your muscles

While other girls her age agonize about losing weight and staying thin, McConnell focuses on eating right and never missing a workout so she can continue to bulk up and sculpt her already impressive frame. McConnell, who stands at 5-foot-7, said she started lifting at a young age. North News / NNP/North News & Pictures Ltd At an age where many girls obsess over staying slim, McConnell instead works tirelessly to bulk up. RELATED: PHOTOS SHOW BODYBUILDING UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL "Originally, like most girls, I wanted to be thin and toned so a lot of the things I did in the gym revolved around cardio and very light weights," she wrote in her bio for Anabolic Designs . "After going to the gym for a while, I started to see a lot of changes within myself and realized that I had the ability to gain muscle and change my body." The teen competed for the first time in May 2012 and she took home second place. North News / NNP/North News & Pictures Ltd The 19-year-old started lifting when she was 14 and competing when she was 18. <br>Source:

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Jarrett Bush known for his grueling workouts

Linebacker Desmond Bishop also worked late with Bush, and running back Johnathan Franklin is starting to do it now. "He (Nehring) says, 'You got one more minute,'" said Bush. "I say, 'Can I get three or four more?' I try to stay as long as I can and get my work in. "It's the old rule being an undrafted free agent. First one there, last one to leave." Cut as a rookie free agent by Carolina in 2006, Bush was awarded to Green Bay on waivers. He played just 15 snaps from scrimmage as a rookie but 276 on special teams. The leader on teams back then was linebacker Tracy White, but when he was cut five games into the '08 season Bush accepted the mantle of leadership and has worn it ever since. <br>Source:

2 Killer Workouts for Running Backs

Perform as many Explosive Push-Ups (hands leaving ground between reps) as you can in 30 seconds. Stand and rest for 10 seconds. Hold a med ball at chest level with your right foot raised off the floor and your left knee slightly bent. Rapidly press the ball away from your chest for as many reps as you can in 30 seconds. Maintain balance while continuously keeping your right foot off the floor. Without resting, repeat the Single Leg Med Ball Press-Outs with your left foot raised. <br>Source:

Force Fitness Group Workouts

A sampling of the challenges it presents: QUAD STEPS The series of four wooden platforms, slanted at a 45-degree angle, requires users to leap across the platforms without falling. WARPED WALL Iconic for serious ninja warriors and probably one of the most challenging obstacles the 14-foot wall is curved like a half-pipe, which users must run up in order to reach the top. CLIFFHANGER The series of narrow horizontal ledges which can be angled to add difficulty requires users to shimmy across the ledges with their fingers. BALANCE BLOCKS With the series of 10 foot-long wooden blocks placed horizontally in a line like sideways dominoes, users must walk across all 10 without knocking any over. American Ninja Warrior is shown at 9 p.m. Sundays on the cable network G4 and at 8 p.m. Mondays on NBC. <br>Source: >]content

Wade to begin workouts after tendinitis treatment

You can always delete any item from your activity that you don't want shared, click to the next page for more info. This app will collect your basic info and share your reading activity on Facebook. Next Page Social Auto-Sharing Facts: Q: What's the deal with this 'Social Sharing' box I see on articles and videos? What's it do? A. You can now automatically share with your friends everything you're reading and watching on Babble -- no more extra clicks or updates to inform your friends of the hottest posts and information from your favorite bloggers. Let them see what you're reading, have all your friends do the same and consider yourselves the most informed parents around. <br>Source:

Tabata Workouts Will Test Your Fitness Limits

You perform and modify every exercise to your own ability. Each workout is designed for anyone at any fitness level from beginner to advance. FORCE FITNESS workouts are comprehensive and address all areas of fitness including; developing cardiovascular and muscular endurance, boosting fat loss while amplifying muscle mass gain, increasing full body strength, enhancing agility, increasing your metabolism and improving balance and flexibility. Unlike other conventional workouts, FORCE FITNESS workouts involves calisthenics including, but not limited to; body weight exercises, abdominal specific exercises, kettle bells and dumbbells and other unconventional exercises like ropes, boxes, sandbags and suspension system. Where FORCE FITNESS workouts differs is your own ability to increase intensity by pushing and challenging your body to its outermost limit, getting in your cardio zone. You will exert your entire body- going from one exercise to another, with little or no recovery period, allowing your heart to reach its maximum potential pulse rate without ignoring any muscle group. You will work, you will sweat and, best of all, you will fell the results-FAST. Theres no better time, than today, to start living a stronger and healthier lifestyle. FORCE FITNESS WORKOUTS Burn TONS of calories, reduce stress, lose weight, and increase energy. Alleviate workout boredom, build confidence, comradely and friendships. Work your WHOLE body in a short period of time by blending aerobic and muscle toning workouts. Challenge you to push outside your comfort zone and maximize effort. Encourages your success by helping you set and reach your GOALS!!! This no-excuse, no-nonsense, no gimmicks, intense, workout requires your commitment, accountability, drive, and hard work. We get down to the basics starting day one with cardio endurance, core strength, flexibility and nutrition advice. <br>Source:

Interest in ninja-style workouts growing

Unlike teammate Lebron James, who has hardly been off the court, Wade hasn't hit the hardwood since the NBA Finals in June. Dwyane Wade said he treated tendinitis in both knees with shock wave therapy this summer, has been off court since Finals. Brian Windhorst (@WindhorstESPN) August 16, 2013 He'll be back to working out this weekend for the first time, noting that he won't be ready for when training camp opens, but will be ready for opening night. The Heat begin their defense of last year's championship on October 29 at home to the Bulls in Derrick Rose's return, but even with his extended time away from the court, Wade is more excited to get to Barclay's Center to see what the $100 million Brooklyn Nets look like than he is for opening night: . @AsToldByJLee Dwyane Wade's answer: "Not Christmas. Not back to back for the opener. I'd say November 1. <br>Source:

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DePaul works volleyball into workouts

Help! The answer to all of these questions is no. There's a million and one (trust me, I counted) ways of labeling a faster, structured workout, so for our purposes we're just going to call them "workouts." The first step is to determine your goal race and then create a progression of workouts that build on your current fitness. The goal is to have them lead to race-specificity so that when you race, the demands of the distance and pace aren't a surprise to your body. Use support paces that (you guessed it!) support your race pace throughout your workouts. <br>Source:

The Biggest Mistakes Runners Make

Doing both in a Tabata-style workout that is, 20 seconds of high-intensity intervals followed by 10 seconds of rest, continuously for four minutes offers a time-saving workout that tones and burns fat all at once. This eight-minute Tabata mashup workout video of squats and push-ups will work arms and legs in any small space. Tabata workout poster: Keep this on your fridge and you'll never have an excuse to skip a workout. The workout includes six Tabata intervals of exercises that focus on every type of exercise for a total-body workout. <br>Source:

Miller said even the highly regarded, and solidly built, Aaron Gordon has found the weight-room regimen is new to him while putting weight of any type on 6-foot-5 freshman Elliott Pitts has been a necessity. Pitts arrived in Tucson at about 170 pounds in June but Miller said hes already up to about 180. Miller said Pitts is benefiting by having played for a strong high school program (De La Salle in Concord, Calif.) but said he still has plenty of work to do. Hes really ready for college, Miller said. <br>Source:

Bush Heart Procedure: Stents Explained Watch Video Celebrities Who Got Fit With P90X Research suggests that HIITs may be a superior way to slim down and muscle up compared to the slow and steady "fat burning" workout style that has prevailed since the 1980s. For example, a recent study out of Australia found women who followed a 20-minute HIITs program lost six times more body fat than women who followed a 40-minute moderate-intensity cardio program. In another recent study, Michele Olson, a professor at Auburn University in Alabama, determined that a HIITs-style method known as Tabata blasted an average of 13.5 calories per minute compared to a mere 6 to 8 calories per minute burned in the typical cardio program. This is only part of the reason high-intensity workouts are so effective for weight loss, she said. "High-intensity exercise also has the advantage of elevating your metabolic rate post-exercise for a period of time after you stop working out so you continue to burn fat and calories at a higher rate for a long time afterwards," Olson said. <br>Source:

Barring scandal or surprise, this is the part of the offseason where we resort, like weary desert travelers, to quenching our thirst with the mere mirage of schedule. It's pretty rough. It is easy assume, given the quiet landscape, that review Max Workouts most college coaches and their teams aren't doing much. That's actually the opposite of the truth. <br>Source:

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New fitness monitors handy, dandy

You have to manually plug the wristband in to your smartphone. The calorie counter If you want to track your calorie burn as accurately as possible, the Body Media Fit Link ($149) is for you. That's why contestants on "The Biggest Loser" depend on the device. In addition to an accelerometer -- which measures the acceleration of your body, based on movement and gravity, and converts that data into information on steps taken, distance and calories burned -- the Link uses body sensors to measure heat flux, skin temperature and sweat to capture more than 5,000 data points every minute. The sensors make it more accurate measuring calorie expenditure than other fitness monitors, especially for non-step-based activities. <br>Source:

Meet the world's fastest growing fitness chain

To be sure, Anytime Fitness' ascendance coincides with a boom in the fitness club industry as a whole, with membership expected to reach an all-time high of 52 million in 2013, according to research from IBISWorld. Revenues for gym, health, and fitness clubs in 2013 are estimated to reach a record high of $25.9 billion. Anytime Fitness has seen revenues grow by 80% in the last five years to more than $484 million at the end of 2012, and Runyon anticipates system-wide revenue exceeding $600 million at the end of this year. So what has fueled Anytime's impressive growth? Pete Moore, founder and managing director of consulting firm and market research firm Integrity Square, thinks it's not just the relaxed atmosphere, pointing instead to its monthly membership costs and 24/7 operating hours model. "Anytime came in charging an inexpensive $35-$55 a month and stripped down labor costs by having the gyms staffed for a certain number of hours, but allowing members to come and go when they like." Future issues for Anytime Fitness are the same that have plagued the fitness industry as a whole: stagnation and diversification. The industry's memberships and revenue have flat-lined since 2011, and while growth is expected within the next few years, it will be at a slower rate than before. <br>Source:

Orangetheory® Fitness Set to Revolutionize Atlanta Workouts

CDT, July 31, 2013 Recently Chicago Tribune reporter, Mitch Smith, wrote an article entitled Overweight Military Recruits a Concern . The article states, military leaders say the obesity epidemic also poses real - but too often overlooked problems to national security. The article goes on to state, that today thousands of otherwise qualified young men and women are turned away from military service because of their weight. Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Norman Seip, who is also a member of a group called Mission: Readiness, stated, By the time a young man or woman shows up, 17 or 18 years old, if theyve been living that unhealthy lifestyle, theyre not going to turn it around in a month. Specifically, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that 18 percent of children aged 6-18 are obese. Both physical fitness and good nutrition are important for combatting obesity. With that in mind, Representative Ives is organizing a Health and Fitness Boot Camp for children in her district, ages 8-12. The event will be held at Cantigny Park on Tuesday, August 6 from 9am to noon. <br>Source:,0,6808009.story

Fitness facelift

15-18 at the Peabody in Orlando, will feature actress-comedian and The View co-host Sherri Shepherd as its keynote speaker, plus live musical entertainment in two concert settings. Shepherd, who also competed on Dancing With the Stars and wrote the bestselling healthy-living book Plan D, will kick off the convention Thursday, Aug. 15 by talking about how fitness plays a starring role in her life. Later Thursday is the Zumba Fitness Concert, which will feature the Radio City Rockettes, Jamaican artist Sean Paul, who will perform a new song, actress-singer Victoria Justice, who will perform her new song Shake, which will be released through Zumba Fitness music platform, and Brazilian pop artist Claudia Leitte, who is broadening her reach to an international audience with a partnership with Zumba Fitness. Sherri Shepherd is the keynote speaker at the 2013 Zumba Instructor Convention. Photo credit: Mike Windle/Getty Images for BET Sean Paul also headlines the Friday night Fashion Walk and Zumba Live concert, which also features Norwegian pop singer Adelen, whose song Bombo hit No. 2 on iTunes Norway. <br>Source:

Zumba news: 2013 convention lineup, Fitness Concerts, new game (Video)

Personal trainers have been involved in liability suits for issues such as sexual harassment, and physical injuries. A trainer was even found responsible for a member's death because of inappropriate dietary advice. When trainers are sued, so are the clubs they work at, as owners can be held liable for their trainers' behavior. Contracted fitness instructors are not automatically covered under the owner's liability policy, Owners should ensure that their insurance policy automatically includes "additional insureds," such as instructors, trainers and members. 5. Losses from emergencies. Explosions, acts of violence, shootings, sexual abuse and outbreaks of diseases have taken place at fitness centers. <br>Source:

Ives Promotes Fitness and Health with ‘Boot Camp for Kids’

As cardio rooms one and two available, the gym will be installing "Fitness on Request" kiosks, which contain pre-loaded workouts led by a virtual instructor into cardio room one. Room two will be turned into a new family play area, freeing up the third racquet ball court. The virtual instructor kiosk will offer classes such as spin, step and aerobic classes. "You can take the classes as a group or as an individual," said Pilawski. With the current spin room available as well, an additional virtual instructor kiosk will be installed and the room will be converted books by shin ohtake into an additional aerobics room, similar to the one currently existing on the second floor. <br>Source:

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The ABC’s of sweat and sweaty workouts

RELATED: HIGH INTENSITY WORKOUTS CURB APPETITES: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OBESITY Unlike jogging on lonely treadmills or swimming solitary laps in a pool, CrossFit is famed for both the social and the team atmosphere it creates as well as its dedicated followers, meaning you're pretty much guaranteed to have multiple opportunities to strike up conversations. "In general, I'd say most CrossFit folks are more dedicated because the gyms cost more, they are more social because of the group classes, and they tend to attract more athletic folks," said nutritional therapist and Paleo community activist Diana Rodgers, who lives near Boston. "It's much more of a community than other gyms." RELATED: 'TORTUOUS' WORKOUT HAS FANATICAL FOLLOWERS "I think if you do CrossFit, you're already the kind of person who likes to push themselves and is adventurous," Nicole Tiberia, who is married to New York's CrossFit Greenpoint co-owner Mike Tiberia, told blog Well+Good NYC. "And you really feel like you bond with someone when you're doing these hard workouts together," she says. <br>Source:

After breaking his back, snowboarder rebuilds with CrossFit workouts

"We're definitely doing some serious training. We're not playing around." Participants also gain a new bunch of friends and an instant support group. Moehlmann said mothers often share their stories and exchange advice before and after the workouts. "That's what hooked me," she said. "The thing that kept me coming back was that Baby Boot Camp wasn't just a gym. <br>Source:

Trampoline workouts: New Yorkers let the pounds bounce off with new fitness trend

If youre guilty of joining in the sweat talk, youll be interested this BBC article on What Happens to the Body in Extreme Heat . It explains how the body uses sweat to cool itself and why outdoor exercisers feel so sluggish in the heat. The simple explanation for that early onset of fatigue is that the added energy it takes to cool the body means less energy available for exercise. Add humidity to the equation and it becomes even harder to stay cool. When the air is saturated with water, sweat doesnt evaporate and heat doesnt dissipate as well. <br>Source:

Amanda Bynes visited the Sky Zone in Buffalo in May. And Megan Fox filmed a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles scene while bouncing on a trampoline. At Bari Studio in Tribeca, founder Alexandra Perez explains why rebounding the technical term for trampoline workouts is the ultimate exercise. When youre bouncing, at the very top of your movement, theres zero gravity, says Perez. And at the very bottom of your movement, you weigh four times your weight, so its very different from anything else on the ground or in the water. Anyone who thinks pouncing on springy canvas for 45 minutes is pure, childlike joy will be in for a sweat-soaked surprise. Pearl Gabel/New York Daily News Reporter Molly Friedman at a JumpDance class at Jump Life in Tribeca. <br>Source:

"My first workout was (called) GI Jane and I had no url skin on either of my hands when I was done, " he said, looking at his hands. "That's what CrossFit is to me. It's just hard work." Snarr kept up the hard work when, at 21, he jumped at the opportunity to co-own CrossFit Select, the team's Mississauga gym. Now in addition to coaching, he trains twice a day for a few hours, usually for four days in a row with a day or two of rest. <br>Source:

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